OpusProperties supports commercial real estate investments in the fields of structuring, administration and property management in Poland.

Thanks to its activities, OpusProperties gained business relations with a broad range of consulting services (lawyers, tax advisors, business consultants), financial institutions (banks, brokers, investment advisors) and other business entities in and beyond Poland. All the above were applied to create value to our clients.


Property Management

The key role is to ensure effective property management consistent with the objective of maximizing the value of the Real Property.

SPV administration

The aim is to ensure a smooth and effective functioning of projects and structures related to investments of our Clients.


Keeping the accounting books of entities including tax settlements and current financial reporting.


Our team is comprised of committed and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about their work. We are focused on providing the highest quality professional services.

Apart from top merit performance, our team ensures full secrecy on Clients’ identity, their transactions and performance, as well as acting always to the benefit of the Client, at his acceptance and at his awareness.



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OpusProperties Sp. z o.o.
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